Grey background of triangular shapes. Foreground has a three-part speech bubble, like those used in comic books, arranged vertically. The top bubble contains the words "November 2019," the middle bubble contains the words "gun violence," the bottom bubble contains the words "Adult Sunday School discussion series." The speech bubbles are white, with black outlines that look hand sketched.

Adult Sunday School Discussion Series: Gun Violence

This November our Adult Sunday School will have a three-part discussion on gun violence.

Nov. 3: Dr. Robert Pettit Miller, professor emeritus, Manchester University, will present a sociological perspective on gun violence in the United States today.

Nov. 10: Pastor Christen will present theological and United Church of Christ statements on gun violence.

Nov. 17: A wrap-up discussion, with guest speaker, licensed minister Eric Black, representing the law enforcement community perspective.

Join us for this prayerful and deep-diving series in which we will talk openly about the reality of gun violence and what our response at Christians and a church might be. The group meets on Sunday mornings at 9 am, before worship.

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