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November Newsletter and Calendar

See what we are up to in November!

Click here to read the Peace UCC November 2019 Newsletter.
Click here to check out the Peace UCC November 2019 Calendar.

Here are the ways you can find out more about our church’s doings; we ask that you engage with these sources regularly so that you will not be surprised by an event or request for participation, or miss the memo entirely.

Bulletin Board: The bulletin board outside the church office displays happenings, news, community events, and mission updates.

Sunday Bulletin: The Sunday bulletin lists upcoming events for the following week, as well as other small updates about church life.

Web site: The Peace Church web site has all of our events listed on the homepage, as well as the monthly newsletter and calendar:

Email Blast: We send out a church-wide email for important, timely events and information as well as requests for volunteers. Contact the church office to have your email added to the list.

Facebook: Our Facebook page ( posts many of our events,/announcements and all of our recent monthly newsletters/calendars.

Sunday Morning Announcements: Our Sunday announcements are brief and concern only events that are relevant to the majority of the congregation.

Church Office: You’re always welcome to call or email the church office for information. Call or email: (260) 432-8290,

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