Peace Church Tee Shirts for Sale!

Sometimes you just want to walk around wearing your Peace Church pride on your chest, and now you can!

Stop into church and sign up for a custom Peace Church Tee Shirt on the sign up list on the kitchen bulletin board. Our very own Paul McGrath and Liz Graham (our board chair and congregational life chair, respectively) will whip up your handmade, dare we say “bespoke?”, tee shirt. This way, when we go out together as individuals, or as a group, everyone will know we are church folk with flair.

ROYGBBV, where the second “B” stands for “darker blue because they just don’t make indigo tee shirts at Michaels.

You can choose from the colors of the rainbow (see the picture above). Still not convinced this shirt is right for you? Take a glance at Peace Board Chair Paul in his green tee. No need to be green with envy, you can get yours for only $7 for adults sizes S-XL and $6 for kids, sizes S-L.

Peace-ful, yet stylish.
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