TEAM Peace (Together Energizing Arts and Music with the youth of PEACE)

TEAM Peace meets approximately once a month after worship and is a chance for our young people of all ages to explore their creativity, their faith, and their place in the artistic and musical parts of worship and church life.

Our church’s young people are singers and crafters, artists and writers. Over the years our Children’s Choir Director, Lorie Krouse, and our Children’s Choir Director Assistant, Bekki Vail, have lead our children (some of whom now have children of their own!) in our children’s music programs. TEAM Peace, which is in its third year, goes beyond music to incorporate visual arts and link the projects to the life and season of the church year. We are thrilled to have Lorie and Bekki provide this service to our young people from the littlest to the nearly grown-up. If you’d like to help, have an idea for a project, or want to donate money or supplies, contact Lorie Krouse.

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