Welcome our Confirmation Cohort!

Our Confirmation Cohort was blessed and formed on October 6, 2019, World Communion Sunday.

It’s a fitting day for a cohort to come together, because all over the world Christians were celebrating communion together. In different languages, with different traditions, and even across a variety of Christian beliefs and creeds, we were, in a way, all together in one place. Eventually, this all-together cohort will be confirmed in their faith, making faith statements of their own in the spring of 2021. That day, around Pentecost, even though they, too may have a variety of beliefs and creeds to affirm, they will be all together part of the Body of Christ in a new way. We bless these confirmands and their mentors on this journey. For more information about the confirmation process, contact Pastor Nikki at nicoleleighshaw@gmail.com.

Confirmands & Mentors

Evan Mallory & Chris Campbell

Hannah Shaw & Allison Dikeolakos

Bethany Perkins & Bekki Vail

Elise Yoder & Becky Dexheimer

Kate Ray & Mike & LouAnn Stone

Wyatt Thomas & BethAnn Green

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