What Is Casting the Vision?

We are a growing church, not just in membership, but in our theological and social justice understanding and our outreach and impact on our community.

We want to be a church that grows thoughtfully, with discernment and with a vision for our future. That’s why we’ve engaged Sandra Herron to consult with us and help guide our discernment over the coming months while we are Casting the Vision for Peace Church’s future.

We’ll kick off with a special worship service followed by a carry-in luncheon on September 22. The groundwork has already begun with the Casting the Vision team who has started meeting and planning, along with Sandra, the scope of our work together.

You are invited to join us on the 22nd, and to check back here for updates on our progress and related events. In the meantime, join us n prayer that our conversations will be fruitful, our visioning team will be nimble and energized, and that we are willing and ready to walk with God where God is leading us.

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