Youth Group Progressive Scavenger Hunt

Youth entering middle school through high school are invited to join us for our first ever progressive scavenger hunt (and pizza party—would we leave you without a yummy finale?).

We’ll split into two teams, each starting with a small item to trade, and we’ll visit the homes of church members asking if they are willing to part with a larger item in exchange for the smaller one. House by house, each team will beg and plead to bring home the largest item. The team with the biggest catch at the end of the day will win a prize!

Youth will also have a silly get-to-know you question to ask at each home and will record the answers to share with the group over dinner. We’ll all go have pizza at Pizza Hut in Coventry to discuss the day, laugh, and talk about the good church people we met over the course of our competition.

This fellowship event begins at Peace Church at noon on August 17. Please feed your children lunch before dropping them off. Volunteers to drive the second car are needed. Contact Pastor Nikki Shaw at or call/text 617-512-8692 to let her know you’re coming. Friends of our youth folks are more than welcome. RSVP by August 14th.

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