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Peace church is . . . a source of strength, inspiration and love. It?s where I belong and want to be. Here I feel like I connect with God and fellowship with people.
— Amy, member for 7 years


Our welcome is a family welcome, warm and wide. Peace United Church of Christ is a thinking church, unafraid to ask difficult questions and listen for answers from a still-speaking God.

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  • We are an Open and Affirming church, which means we are open to and affirming of all LGBTQ+ persons. You are welcome here, including into marriage and ministry, exactly as you are.
  • We are a family church, which means that kids have a voice in worship and the life of the church, and that voice is heard and encouraged. (As are the voices of the adults, of course.)
  • We are a progressive-but-traditional church, which means that our worship is largely traditional, but we encourage progressive thinking. We welcome new ideas and new ways of being the body of Christ in the world.
  • We are come-as-you-are church, where jeans are fine for worship, and so is your Sunday best. Just don’t forget to bring your signing voices.
  • We recognize two sacraments here at Peace: holy communion and baptism. We celebrate communion every first Sunday of the month and at some special services. We have an open table; all are welcome to receive!
  • Generally, we tend to baptize babies, or offer families a baby dedication if they’d like to let their little ones choose a believer’s baptism when they are ready. Got questions about baby or adult baptism? We’d love to talk with you.



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The United Church of Christ (our denomination) is a non-creedal church. That means we don’t require members to pledge to honor a specific doctrine, but rather encourage them to explore their faith and support the work of the body of Christ, God’s love in the world manifest in humble acts of justice and doing kindness to all (Micah 6:8), especially those who are strangers to us (Mathew 25:35).

We do this through 3Great Loves: loving neighbor, loving children, and loving creation. Our denomination’s statement of faith, which we invite all members to affirm, is on their web site.

Peace Church is a member of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ. You can learn more about them on their web site.

Worship & Gathering

Family Worship: 10:15AM Sundays

Children’s Church: Immediately after Children’s Message during worship, grades kindergarten through 5th grade

Nursery: Nursery services provided immediately after Children’s Time during worship for children pre-kindergarten and younger.