Casting the Vision: Information and Updates

We are a growing church, not just in membership, but in our theological and social justice understanding and our outreach and impact on our community.

We want to be a church that grows thoughtfully, with discernment and with a vision for our future. That’s why we’ve engaged Sandra Herron to consult with us and help guide our discernment over the coming months while we are Casting the Vision for Peace Church’s future.


  • We kicked off this time of discernment with a special worship service followed by a carry-in luncheon on September 22. In small table groups we talked about which activities and ministries (as well as physical spaces) we wanted to maintain, revise, or move away from. Then our Casting the Vision team and consultant, Sandra, meet to continue the work.
  • We had our second meeting November 3rd at a Casting the Vision Coffee House where we went over the result of our congregational survey. You can see that presentation here: Peace UCC – Survey Summary.
  • Saturday, November 16, pastoral staff and the Casting the Vision team will meet for an all day retreat to consider the survey results and begin to discern ways to respond and mold our future.

Check back here for updates on our progress and related events. In the meantime, join us in prayer that our conversations will be fruitful, our visioning team will be nimble and energized, and that we are willing and ready to walk with God where God is leading us.

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