Online Worship

December 6, 2021

Dear Peace Family,

Your church board met this evening to discuss the safety of meeting in person for worship during the current rise in COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. The following motion was passed.

“Because Allen County is currently in the Red Advisory Zone for COVID, the Peace Church Board determined that we will resume online worship services exclusively through January 9, 2022. The board will meet on January 10, 2022, and will revisit our worship status in that meeting.”

Please stay safe and well,

Amy Miller
Peace UCC Board President

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Online Worship through Labor Day

Dear Peace Friends and Family,

If you have been watching or reading the news lately, the rise in new COVID cases has probably not escaped you. For your church board this is concerning, as we value the health of every single individual and carry the knowledge that some of us have not been able to get vaccinated yet, most notably our children. Because we wish to be proactive in our consideration of how we hold worship, we met today to consider our options and to create a solid plan for moving forward. With the wisdom and guidance of medical professionals in our midst we concluded that the most responsible course of action is to resume online worship until after Labor Day and reevaluate the situation at that time. We will be carefully watching the COVID trends and use science and reason to guide our next steps.

It may feel difficult to go back to online services so soon after we resumed gathering in person, but we believe it would be far harder to cope with the knowledge that some of us became ill after meeting live. As Pastor Christen illustrated for us in today’s message, walking together and supporting one another as we go will get us all to the finish line.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Peace and Blessings,

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Indoor worship begins on June 27th!

Beloved Church Family,

As you may have noticed when looking at the weather report, we’re expected to get a fair bit of rain this weekend, which calls into question outdoor worship!

Fear not, your trusty board and worship committee and staff have created an alternate plan to keep you all safe and dry! We will CONTINUE TO HAVE WORSHIP AT 9:00 AM as scheduled), but we will be moving INSIDE the sanctuary a week early. Because worship has already been planned, and worship bulletins printed, it will still be a shorter service, but we all determined it was better to be dry!

The sanctuary is still not quite ready for us…you’ll notice a little dust and smell a little must (the plan has been for this next week to give it a thorough clean and get the air vented out a bit to clean out the musty smell, but we don’t have that kind of advance notice).

So, no need to pack your lawn chairs. INSTEAD, be sure to bring your face masks. (If you don’t have one, we will have a box of disposal ones on-hand.) It is imperative for all over the age of 8 to wear them inside the building since our younger children have not been vaccinated, and since we will still be singing (I know, singing in masks is the worst, but we have to maintain careful safety until all have access to vaccinations).

It won’t be quite the triumphant Sunday I was looking forward to our first day back in the sanctuary, but it is the right thing to do. And what matters MOST is that we are together, and that we are safe, and that we are sheltered.

Please, please pass the word to any you know who are not online. We’ll also be sharing this via the prayer chain.

See you Sunday at 9:00. (we’ll return to our 10:15 time next Sunday and continue with that time here on out…).

Peace and love,
Pastor Christen

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Star Card

This week in worship we will be exploring the words that God offers us to lead us. If you are a part of the church directory, you will be receiving in the mail a “Star Card” for your family, a bookmark created and chosen randomly for you to focus on as part of our Sunday worship in collaboration with Pastor Christen and Pastor Christina Perkins at Salem United Church of Christ. If you are someone who watches worship virtually and whose address we do not know, here is a download of a “star card” for you to print or just refer to during our time of worship this week, January 10th. May we follow the words of God, who offers us light in times of darkness.

Download Card

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Nikki Shaw Ordination

Nikki began attending Peace United Church of Christ seven years ago and sensed a call to ministry that our congregation recognized early on! We hired Nikki as our Director of Christian Education and she began seminary at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis where she received her Masters of Divinity this past spring. Nikki was called into ministry at First United Church of Christ in Angola, IN and we were honored to host her ordination service at Peace on January 5, 2020. We will miss her as a regular staff member at Peace, but feel honored to have been part of the nest that nurtured her as she learned. Here are a few photos from her ordination service.

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