Online Worship

Dear Peace Family,

Your board held its monthly meeting this evening and in it discussed whether returning to in-person worship is a safe and viable option for everyone at this time. While we miss seeing one another and gathering together very much (and assume that many of you do as well) we have made the decision to remain in online worship for at least the next month. When making our decision we considered the continuing alarming rise in COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in our community and how those could affect us at Peace. We will re-evaluate the circumstances monthly and will be closely watching the above-mentioned numbers to ensure we make the safest decision for all of us. We remain mindful that vaccination status and compromising health conditions are important factors to consider now and moving forward and encourage those of you who are eligible but who have not yet been vaccinated to do so for your safety.

Finally, I do not want to confuse anybody, but I have recently taken my maiden name back and am now Amy Miller (again). Because getting everything changed around can take some time, certain things may still have my other name on them for a while. Please excuse me during this process, I hope to have it wrapped up before too long.

Peace and Blessings to everyone,

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